Tactical Lister is the #1 Site to Buy Sell and Trade Everything Tactical- Our innovative Marketplace is Ad Free, Mobile friendly and simple to use. Best of all No Sale Fees - EVER!

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    Casper, Wyoming 82609-2325 U.S.A



Q. Is the Site Free to Use?

A. Yes the site is free to register. You must register in order to have access to sellers contact information.

Q. How do I buy an Item?

Q. What does it cost to sell on the site?

A. The site is very simple. Each item has a small insertion fee. This can be for a single item only or a monthly subscription for individuals and Businesses. That is it! No additional fees, NO Final Value Fees Ever!

Q. Do you have outside Ad’s on site?

A. Tactical Lister is completely Ad free. No outside (Non Member) ads, No adware, No column Ads, No popup Ads, or Video Ads. We think Adware sucks and I’m sure you would agree!

Q. What types of payments do Sellers accept?

A. Most sellers accept Credit cards through PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX). Some sellers will only deal in cash in person. It is up to the seller to set the conditions for their item.

Q. What if don't receive my item or it is not as described?

A. All sales are conducted between the Buyer and Seller and any conflicts that may arise are also between the Buyer and Seller. TacticalLister.com will NOT intervene for either party. Poor service can be reflected in the feedback area. Buyers and sellers with consistently poor feedback could be banned from the site.

Q. How are the insertion fees charged?

A. Single item is charged at time of listing. Subscriptions are recurring every 30 days automatically using PayPal. Once a plan is selected, the seller can place the items for sale in at their discretion until the max items are reached for their specific plan.

Q. How Do I cancel my subscription?

A. You can cancel at any time but please note that there are no refunds. If you intend to cancel, it is recommended that you do so 3 days before your next billing cycle to get the most out of your subscription.

Q. How do I change Plans?

A. You can upgrade or downgrade at your discretion. Please note there is a specific process to avoid duplicate billing that need to take place if you have a current subscription and are changing from that plan. Your User Area will walk you through the process. You can always contact us with any issues.

Q. Can I sell Firearms on Tactical Lister?

A. Currently, No, for individuals (Person to Person) but we just added a firearm sales categories for businesses and dealers with a current FFL to sell to consumers. All Sales will be required to conform to all State and Federal laws.

Q. Why can’t I sell more than 1 item per listing?

A. Simple, our system is set up to market and index your item throughout the web. That indexing requires that each item is listed separately. Admin reserves the right to remove any listing that is violating this rule.

Q. What is Social Share?

A. One of the thing that makes our site awesome is how it markets through Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Because Tactical Lister has no Sales fees, outside platform sales resulting in our marketing efforts are welcome and expected. Our platform allows you to share the listing with your followers resulting a quicker sale for you! You can choose to share or not share a listing and to what platform. You are in control!

Q. What are banned items?

A. Currently any complete firearms or items requiring an FFL to transfer cannot be listed: Drugs (obviously), Explosives, Poisons, WMD’d. Etc. Etc. We ask the sellers think clearly about what they are listing. Users are responsible to verify that the sale or purchase is not violating and Local, State, or Federal laws. The User is the sole responsible party for compliance. Tactical Lister will cooperate with all law enforcement and judicial requests to investigate violations.